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10 Things an Interior Designer does!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Here's a quick list of the top ten things an interior designer will do for your project.

One of the most stressful things to take on is a full remodel of your house. Appoint an interior designer to take the stress away.

To give you a guide here’s what an interior designer does.

10 Things an interior designer does

1. Creates spatial plans and looks at room layouts.

2. Interpret client needs no matter how bizarre.

3. Liaise with local authorities, contractors, project managers, architects, AV specialists, landscapers and any other consultant working on the project.

4. Specify and schedule finishes for all rooms.

5. Design, sketch and draw every room in a house, this may include joinery, lighting and specialist finishes.

6. Schedule and purchase goods for everything item of furniture, fittings and equipment.

7. Consult on the aesthetic for the house including the exterior and landscaping.

8. Schedule costs for every room in the house.

9. Deal with anything that touches the inside of the house.

10. Design everything that touches the inside of the house!

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