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Best Sofa Beds

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Sofa beds are great for giving you an extra sleeping area in a room where you may use for other things, like the living room or a study. I recently turned my spare bedroom into a study but so I don’t lose out on that crucial spare bed I have placed a sofa bed allowing my new study the flexibility of two functional rooms.

When I think of sofa beds of the past it invokes memories of a boxy shape sofa with a pull out mattress on a rickety and squeaky frame. They weren’t always comfortable but with new technology in the mechanisms and mattresses, a new comfortable sofa bed is born. Styles and colour options used to be limited but our requirements for more flexible lives is in high demand and has pushed sofa manufacturers to add sofa beds to their collections.

Sofa beds of today are sleek and stylish allowing you the space you room needs and the comfort factor for a good night sleep. Here are three of my favourite sofa beds available on the market across three different price points.

Affordable option

For the small price point you can make a huge impact with this deco inspired sofa bed. The clean lines and fluted back detail in the soft velvet fabric will impress any guest and give them a comfortable night sleep. It has a click clack mechanism which is easy to use as it clicks into place quickly with little effort, the back folds down into place forming a flat bed, hence the name click clack. This sofa bed is perfect for tight spaces and will be a striking statement piece for your home.

Price is usually £449 but currently on sale for £349 at Mano Mano

Mid range option

Truffle Sofa Bed | Button Back Sofa Bed | Loaf

The Truffle sofa is available in two sizes and a vast range of fabric options so you’re sure to find something that suits your taste. My favourite is the Good Green Clever Velvet, Loaf have done a great job making sure they have a colour for any palette.

The deep buttoning and soft curves give it a classic feel with a modern twist, add a bold fabric and it takes on a more vintage inspired look. The Sofa itself is super comfortable, with feather wrapped foam seats, the ultimate in comfort for any sofa. I love this sofa bed for its styling and easy to use mechanism, it is a classic pull out style with a coil sprung mattress offering a comfortable night sleep for your guests.

Luxury option

E-Motion Sofa Bed from Furl from £2895 for a 3 seater

What I love about this sofa bed is the electric mechanism, it’s so easy to use, you just press the button and it opens into a comfortable bed ready for sleep. It comes in 6 sizes and comes with a bed size mattress giving you more space when sleeping. Furl offers 4 arm choices, one option even has storage in the arms. They also offer the same electric mechanism in the Duette sofa bed allowing you more styling options. Furl use high quality mChoose from hundreds of designer fabric and leather choices to create a unique sofa to suit your interior. My favourite is the Linwood Lana in Sea Green. aterials and fillings and allow you the option of a softer or firmer seat, giving you a truly bespoke furniture piece.

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